Sámara Packing List

Clothes & Shoes

  • flip flops
  • another pair of sandals that you can walk in
  • 2 swim suits
  • light and airy t-shirts / tank-tops
  • light weight shorts or skirts
  • easy sun dresses for the ladies

Other necessities

  • sunglasses 
  • hat
  • insulated water bottle (cold water all day long is a luxury you will deeply appreciate)
  • swimming goggles for kids
  • a waterproof bag / drybag to keep your book and such dry when you’re on adventures
  • a beach bag to take your book and such to the beach.
  • a small LED flashlight for walking around town after dark or doing a night tour in Monteverde / Arenal
  • a sarong to use as an airplane blanket and then as your beach towel when you get here.
  • bug spray (we use OFF sensitive or family)
  • sunscreen
  • camera (a waterproof camera is awesome!)
  • binoculars
  • phone with GPS if you'll drive
  • long sleeve rash guard or other Sun protection shirt to wear at the beach
  • backpack
  • copy of passport in wallet
  • water resistant case for phone

Other Fun things 

if your trip is longer or you’ll be traveling around Costa Rica quite a bit, you'll need:

  • running shoes or low hikers that you could wear if you go to Monteverde.or hike in Arenal
  • we only wear long sleeves & pants on the plane and in Monteverde / Arenal (have your flip flops, shorts and tank top ready in your carry-on or top of your checked bag to change at the airport.)
  • snorkel & mask or googles for your kids if you have ones that fit you well
  • travel hammock to take to the beach
  • peanut butter - It is hard to find pb down here, even Jiff is expensive and comes in a small container.
  • A light rain jacket for cool nights and rain in Monteverde / Arenal
  • This great map of Costa Rica from Amazon
  • These guides to butterflies, birds, frogs etc.

Things you can get here:

  • aloe - straight from the plant
  • coffee (but not decaf)
  • sarongs: Every tourist shop sells them
  • great fresh fruit & veggies
  • ceviche and seafood