Top 10 Adventures

Here are our top 10 must dos while visiting Sámara:

  1. Enjoy mellow waves and warm water on Samara Beach – low tide is perfect for wandering the beach, swimming, snorkeling or tide-pooling on the Cangrejal side of the beach. It’s also great for kayaking or stand up paddle boarding around the bay.Samara low tide beauty
  2. Learn to surf and play in the waves high-tide at Samara Beach – high tide is the perfect time to play in the waves with boogie boards or get on a surfboard.Boogie boarding glee
  3. Relax at one of the beach bars or eateries that range from rustic tico to romantic chic: Pablitos, Sheriff Rustic, Lo Que Hay, Loconda, La Dolce Vita, Gusto Beach, or another beach-front restaurant and enjoy a batido (fruit smoothie), snack or a cocktail or beer with your feet in the sand.Beachfront happyhours
  4. Gallop (or canter or wander) in the sand at sunset. Horses Galloping on Samara Beach
  5. Stretch it out on the treetop yoga ranchoYoga at Villas Espavel
  6. Try your hand at a longboard on Samara Beach. Our friends at Pato's Surf School will help you find your balance safely. You'll be riding your first wave in no time! 
  7.  Treat yourself to a lazy day at the pool
  8. Try our jungle swing with your family
  9.  Get yourself out to Isla Chora for a deserted island experience. At the right tide you can snorkel, SUP, kayak or hire a boat to ferry you out to our nearest National Park.
  10. Make an amazing memory with your family and friends!